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Speaker Title Event Year Web links (may contain more than one link for redundancy) Length Key words
Christopher Wikle Using parsimonious “deep” models for efficient implementation of multiscale spatio-temporal statistical models applied to long-lead forecasting CI 2018 2018 53 min Forecasting, deep learning, spatio-temporal
Lucas Joppa AI for Earth CI 2018 2018 45 min AI, Microsoft, funding opportunity
Eric Maloney Critical challenges in the simulation of tropical clouds and climate CI 2018 2018 52 min climate, clouds, challenges
Qi (Rose) Yu Deep Learning for Large-Scale Spatiotemporal Data CI 2018 2018 56 min climate, deep learning
Julien Emile-Geay Paleoclimate Informatics - Enabling knowledge discovery about past climates CI 2018 2018 50 min paleo climate past, past and future climate, machine learning, data science
Liz Moyer Insights from Model Emulation for Climate Research CI 2017 2017 68 min Climate model
Prabhat Deep Learning for Extreme Weather Detection CI 2017 2017 58 min Extreme weather, event, detection, deep learning
Robert Lund Climate Data Homogenization: Informatics and the Changepoint Problem CI 2017 2017 55 min climate, change point, data homogenization
Alexis Hannart Methods for Attributing Climate Trends and Events: Overview and Challenges CI 2017 2017 60 min Climate trend, climat event, attribution, causality
Sudipto Banerjee Bayesian Modeling and Inference for High-Dimensional Spatial-Temporal Data CI 2016 2016 54 min Data analysis spatio-temporal
Pradeep Ravikumar Poisson Graphical Models With Rich Dependence Structures CI 2016 2016 54 min Structure learning graph
Imme Ebert-Uphoff Knowledge discovery in climate science CI 2015 2015 46 min Climate knowledge discovery causality
Rich Caruana Do Deep Nets Really Need To Be Deep? CI 2015 2015 55 min deep learning
Michael Tippett Hazardous convective weather risk: Big and small data problems CI 2015 2015 43 min Weather big data
Andrew Rhines Dealing with Dirty Data: A Blueprint for Analyzing Climate Variability CI 2015 2015 51 min Climate data analysis
Lawrence Carin An Introduction to Deep Learning CI 2015 2015 54 min deep learning
Claudia Tebaldi Opportunities and Challenges in the Analysis of Multi-model Ensemble Output CI 2015 2015 43 min Analysis ensemble climate
Arindam Banerjee and Claire Monteleoni Climate Change: Challenges for Machine Learning NIPS 2014 (Neural Information Processing Systems) 2014 120 min machine learning, climate, tutorial
Kevin Trenberth Climate Change: It's about the Data Isn't It? Climate Informatics 2014 2014 82 min climate change, tutorial
Yan Liu When Scale Meets Complexity: Large-scale Machine Learning Methods for Climate Data Analysis Climate Informatics 2014 2014 49 min machine learning, success stories
Todd K. Leen NSF Computer & Information Science & Engineering: Programs of Interest Climate Informatics 2014 2014 25 min NSF, funding opportunities
Padhraic Smyth Climate data analysis with machine learning and statistics: a tale of two tribes Climate Informatics 2014 2014 54 min machine learning, statistics, tutorial
Dean Williams Big Data Challenges in the Geosciences Climate Informatics 2014 2014 49 min NASA, big data
Claire Monteleoni Machine Learning Techniques for Combining Multi-Model Climate Projections Climate Informatics 2013 2013 52 min machine learning, climate models
Noah Diffenbaugh Challenges and opportunities of large climate model experiments Climate Informatics 2013 2013 48 min climate models, tutorial
Suz Tolwinski-Ward The potential for improved learning in high-resolution paleoclimatology Climate Informatics 2013 2013 43 min paleoclimate, machine learning
Gil Compo Developing the 20th century reanalysis version 3 (1850-2013) Climate Informatics 2013 2013 49 min reanalysis, data sets, tutorial
Noel Cressie Hot Enough for You? Uncertainty Quantification for Regional Climate Projections in North America Climate Informatics 2013 2013 51 min climate models, uncertainty
Lise Getoor Representation, Inference and Learning in Structured Statistical Models Climate Informatics 2013 2013 51 min machine learning
David Neelin Precipitation sensitivity and fast-process diagnostics in Climate Models Climate Informatics 2013 2013 46 min climate models, precipitation
Steve Easterbrook Comparing Climate Models - What's under the hood? Climate Informatics 2012 2012 47 min climate models, tutorial
Kim Cobb High-resolution paleoclimate data: challenges and opportunities Climate Informatics 2012 2012 44 min paleoclimate, tutorial
Amy Braverman Statistical Perspective on Climate Informatics Climate Informatics 2012 2012 47 min statistics
Vipin Kumar Understanding Climate Change - A Data Driven Approach Climate Informatics 2012 2012 37 min climate change, machine learning
Amy McGovern Improving Our Understanding of the Formation of Tornadoes through Spatiotemporal Data Mining Climate Informatics 2012 2012 28 min tornadoes, data mining
Tony Jebara Tutorial on Machine Learning Climate Informatics 2012 2012 45 min machine learning, tutorial
Jim Hurrell The Science of Global Climate Change Climate Informatics 2012 2012 43 min climate change