Data Science & Environment - Workshop and Summer School

Data Science & Environment - Workshop and Summer School

When: 3-7 July 2017. Workshop (3 days, 4-5-6) and summer school (2 days, 3-7)
Where: Brest, France from the 3-7 July 2017.
More information:

1) If you wish to make an oral or poster presentation, please submit an abstract (max. 1 page) on the website before 15 March 2017.
2) Travel support for Ph.D. students: apply before 15 March 2017.

Topic: Environmental sciences have experienced a data deluge with the explosion in the amount of data produced by sensors and models that monitor, measure and forecast the Earth system. This exponential trend in data availability is expected to continue in the future thereby creating many new opportunities, needs and challenges. On the other hand, data science has emerged as a wide multidisciplinary dynamic which addresses challenges associated to large and complex data and encompasses diverse fields in applied mathematics and computer science.

Aim: The conference will gather researchers that have an expertise in one of the two areas (data science, environmental data) and some interest for the other. Its main goal is to explore the fruitful interplay between the two areas, and ultimately to help create new connections and collaborations between the scientific communities involved. Another objective is to propose some high level courses and practices at the interaction of these two areas.

Speakers: The list of confirmed invited speakers is
- Marcelo Barreiro (Univ. Montevideo, Uruguay)
- Dorit Hammerling (IMAGe-NCAR, USA)
- Alexis Hannart (Ouranos, Canada)
- Ibrahim Hoteit (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)
- Pierre-Yves Le Traon (MERCATOR, France)
- Olivier Mestre (Météo-France, France)
- Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN, Japan)
- Douglas Nychka (IMAGe-NCAR, USA)
- Thierry Penduff (IGE, France)
- Eniko Szekely (CIMS-NYU, USA)
- Christopher Wikle (Univ. Missouri, USA)

Registration: The registration is 100 euros and includes access to the workshop, lunches, gala dinner and social activities. The registration is free for PhD students that will attend the whole conference (workshop + summer school). The number of participants being limited (25 for the summer school), we recommend early registration. Online registration will soon be available.

Support: We are pleased to announce that funding is available for travel support, only for PhD students who will participate in the whole conference (workshop + summer school). Please fill in the travel support request form on the website before 15 March 2017.

The organizing committee,
Pierre Ailliot (Univ. Bretagne Occidentale, France)
Bertrand Chapron (IFREMER, France)
Anne Cuzol (Univ. Bretagne Sud, France)
Denis Dreano (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)
Ronan Fablet (Institut Mines-Télécom Atlantique, France)
René Garello (Institut Mines-Télécom Atlantique, France)
Guillaume Maze (IFREMER, France)
Etienne Mémin (INRIA, France)
Valérie Monbet (Univ. Rennes I, France)
Alexis Mouche (IFREMER, France)
Nicolas Raillard (IFREMER, France)
Guillaume Roullet (IUEM, France)
Pierre Tandeo (Institut Mines-Télécom Atlantique, France)