Data sets

We collect interesting data sets from climate science that are ready for use in machine learning, etc.
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  1. PR-Challenge Pseudo-Proxy and Pseudo-Instrumental Data

    The Paleoclimate Reconstruction (PR) Challenge provides a simulated proxy data framework for evaluating differing paleoclimate reconstruction methods during the last two millennia. The pseudo-proxy and pseudo-instrumental data sets produced for the PR Challenge are housed here so that scientists, students,and citizens interested in exploring paleoclimate reconstructions can continue to have access to this state-of-the-art set of simulations, which includes forward modeling of proxy properties driven by climate variables.


    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

  2. Data sets from Climate Informatics Wiki

    The Climate Informatics Wiki contains materials on Machine Learning, Climate Science, climate data sets and descriptions, and challenge problems:
    Materials Section of Climate Informatics Wiki

    To go directly to the data sets and challenge problems, click here:
    Data Sets and Challenge Problems

    Collection is courtesy of Claire Monteleoni.


    Climate Informatics Wiki

  3. Collection of Climate datasets

    A collection of several different data sets from climate data, ready to be used for machine learning.
    Courtesy of Yan Liu's research group at USC.

    This is part of the collection of data sets on this site (see the "Data sets" menu item on the left).


    Yan Liu at USC