Directory of people working in climate informatics

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First name Last name Research interests Home page Screen name
Kevin Achieng assessment of climate change impact kachieng
Phil Brown numerical weather prediction, climate modelling, deep learning philipb
Chi-shing Calvin Cheung statistical downscaling, climate modelling, machine learning Calvin Cheung
Ibrahim Demir hydroinformatics, big data analytics, scientific visualization, machine learning demiribr
David Dreisigmeyer data mining, image processing, social network analysis dreisigmeyer
Steve Easterbrook Computational Modeling SMEasterbrook
Imme Ebert-Uphoff causal discovery, machine learning, climate network ebertuphoff
Carlos F. Gaitan machine learning, statistical downscaling, evolutionary algorithms, copula function carlos.gaitan
Yulia Gel time series, space-time processes, nonparametrics, probabilistic weather forecasting, assessment of climate change impact, climate-sensitive emerging infectious diseases ygl
Pierre Gentine Parametrization pgentine
Mohammad Gorji Sefidmazgi machine learning, statistics, climate informatics mgorjis
Healy Hamilton bioclimate informatics, ecological forecasting hhealyh
Christopher Kadow climate models, evaluation systems, decadal climate research, big data, climate informatics, data sets christopher.kadow
Marlene Kretschmer climate informatics, causality mkretschmer
Chaunté W. Lacewell machine learning, pattern recognition, data fusion cwlacewe
Valliappa Lakshmanan improving agriculture yield, quantitative precipitation estimation and forecasting, real-time weather data algorithms lakshmanok
Slava Lyubchich nonparametric inference for time series, trend detection, testing for synchronism, weather related insurance claims, multilevel random effects models lyubchich
Suzanna Martins machine learning, climate models, data mining, deep learning, forecast Suzanna Bonnet
Karen McKinnon climate dynamics, spatial modeling, extreme events karen.mckinnon
Aran Mol quality control, statistics, machine learning Aran
Claire Monteleoni machine learning, climate informatics, Non-stationary data, ensemble methods, online learning, clustering, unsupervised learning from data streams cmontel
Soukayna Mouatadid climate informatics mouatadid
Nikunj Oza data mining, machine learning, ensemble learning, anomaly detection, applications to earth science and aeronautics nikunjoza
Sai Kumar Popuri statistical downscaling, data visualisation saiku
Kalai Ramea data science, machine learning, deep learning, climate informatics, climate policy, data visualization kramea
Andy Rhines atmospheric physics, climate dynamics, quality control, spatiotemporal analysis, extreme value theory arhines
Christopher Schwalm machine learning and climate models cs2239
Erich Seamon machine learning, climate hazard impacts and their associations with agriculture, health, and water availability. erichs
Charles Stanier data assimilation, air pollution, aerosols cloud climate interactions cstanier
Ranjini Swaminathan machine learning, data analytics, extreme events ranjinis
Pierre Tandeo statistics, data science, data assimilation, oceanography, meteorology, remote sensing ptandeo
Laurent Terray climate variability and change, climate models, uncertainty quantification terray
Jianwu Wang big data analytics, Causality Analysis jianwu
Li Quan Wang machine learning and climate models KCZK
Jeremy Weiss climatology, meteorology, geospatial analysis, spatiotemporal analysis jlweiss
Mai Winstrup Past climate, ice cores, machine learning maiwinstrup